Mission Statement for Indy Fit Golfers:

" Praise: To honor Christ in my work.

" Purpose: To help you achieve your Health, Fitness and Nutrition Goals!

" Provision: Meeting your daily Health, Fitness and Nutrition needs.

" Pardon: Releasing the past mistakes of your Dieting and Exercising.

" Protection: Avoiding and fleeing the bad foods, media quakes being thrown at you daily and being a truth seeker.

" Perspective: Staying humbled yet excited about the goals you have achieved. NO Egos here.

Hours of Operation:
Mon through Fri: 5:00am-8:30pm Saturday: 7:00am-3:00pm

Phone number:





Indy Fit Golfers

A High Intensity Fitness Boot Camp for all fitness levels & ages where we will have fun and get in awesome shape!

Enhance Muscular Size, Strength, and Endurance! Intense Body Weight and Partner Assisted Exercises!

- Lose Fat!

- Jump Start your Fitness!

- Go at your own pace. 

Class can be adapted for any fitness level. Your First Class is Free!

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